Flowers of Hope

Flowers of Hope Children Trust serves HIV/AIDS orphans and children in three high-density suburbs of Harare, Zimbabwe.

Our mission is to help 200 plus orphans living with HIV/AIDS in Budiriro, Glen View and Mufakose and more specifically, facilitate a minimum of 50 children to become employed or advance in their livelihoods. We are happy to assist any orphan and or child (0-15 years of age) living with HIV/AIDS and encourage referrals from others within our jurisdiction.

For example, in Budiriro, there are so many vulnerable and disadvantaged children:

  • Some face challenges ranging from succession disputes, economic, physical and sexual abuse, but they all need assistance in the form of counseling, financial assistance and accommodation.
  • Some are struggling to pay school fees, getting stationery, medical fees;
  • some are child-headed families and failing to look after their siblings due to the situations they find themselves in and to make matters worse due to the economic hardships currently prevailing.

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Address: No. 1982 – 31st Street, Budiriro 1, Harare        

Cell: 0783 601 508,  0716 216 726

[email protected]