How we differ from other theological schools in Zimbabwe

Unlike many theological schools which have defected to liberalism, Christian Missions Theological College and Seminary contends that the Bible is the inerrant and infallible Word of God and the only authority of Truth when it comes to matters that pertain to faith and doctrine.

Unlike many theological institutions in Zimbabwe, CMTCS does not believe in a chalkboard mode of learning. Rather, the school believes that every student should own a copy of the textbook/s that are meant for each course.

We put into cognizance the fact that true religious training should enshrine hands on practical experience.  

One primary asset of CMTCS programs of study is that students may select mentors from our faculty, or they may bring their own mentors to the program. Therefore, students may select pastors or educators from their own denominations or Fellowships, and they may also build their curricula specifically to study the beliefs taught by their denominations. This is especially important for the person who desires to become a full-time minister with a particular church. The outside mentor must meet and agree with the confessional, educational, and professional standards of Christian Missions Theological College and Seminary.

CMTCS is cognizant of the high cost of the traditional classroom approach to teaching, and the difficulties so many students have in attending regular college classes. Although CMTCS offers a traditional on-site program of study on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, its main objective is to provide a quality non-traditional education in ministry. This program was designed for those in the Christian community who find the on-campus approach impractical. Often it is not realistic to uproot the entire family, leave a current job, or resign a church or employment to attend college.

Because of the need for a non-traditional methodology of ministry training, CMTCS developed a high quality, self-motivating and self-disciplining curriculum for the off-campus approach. The courses consist of conservative Bible teaching through textbooks, research, assignments and deductive reasoning. To have an effective external program of study, it is necessary to have contact with the students. This is accomplished by requiring each student to maintain contact with the college every 40 days. This gives an opportunity to report on progress, answer questions, and discuss future goals.

Although there is much debate over the validity, methodology, and credibility of external studies, like other institutions, CMTCS stands firm on this approach. This institution believes that the non-traditional approach offers one ingredient that is often missing in many traditional schools…self-discipline. With the proper tools and guidance, off-campus programs are as valid and credible as any other method of study.