Why we are becoming successful

'Ancient African formula rediscovered' says this soap bar produced by our caregivers

We are the first home-grown (resident) organization in the area dedicated to help our community and give it a Peace of Mind in terms of health.

We are gratefully enjoying the support of the Village Heads, Church Leaders, Councilors, the Chief, our Member of Parliament, our Senator and even our President.

In an endevour to curb and reduce HIV/AIDS prevalence in the designated areas of our community, we encounter 3 major obstacles:

  1. Poor financial stability
  2. Stigma and discrimination
  3. Resistance to accept HIV/AIDS prevalence

Nevertheless our technically well-equipped caregivers are already yielding positive results, as indicated by the increased O.I. registrations at our local Makumbi District Hospital. Unfortunately are caregivers have to make do with or without depleted H.B.C. kits.

A good H.B.C. kit containes a bucket, a towel, soap, gloves, jik, Vaseline, painkillers and cotton wool.

At a monthly meeting of Chinamhora Peace of Mind

Apart from the monitored home visits, another very effective dimension has been introduced to assist our clients to gain total control over their status. Most of our infected clients have formed support groups in which all activities are aimed at helping each other.

Activities of the support groups

  • they save money together;
  • they go around each other’s homes to help with required care duties;
  • they conduct lessons during which they teach each other various selected topics;
  • they cultivate nutrition vegetable and herbal gardens;
  • they share their problems and look for solutions without fear or hesitation;