Our first steps

First training of Chinamhora Peace of Mind secondary caregivers (2007)

After the initial exercise of sensitizing the community over the need to be helping ourselves when having the sick at home, we realized that we needed manpower to tackle this job. With calculated approach, some women and men agreed to voluntarily offer their services. That done, we designed a

Herbal dishwashing liquid produced by our caregivers to finance our outreach programs

series of home-based careĀ trainings during which these secondary caregivers received knowledge and skills essential for take care of HIV/AIDS clients.

So far we have trained 66 secondary caregivers. But we have not yet covered all out designated areas.

Soon after being trained the caregivers are dispatched into respective villages to look for and identify the H.B.C. clients. We have come to realize that there are several types of clients that we cater to:

  • known patients on medical treatment;
  • unwell clients in need of medical intervention;
  • unwell HIV/AIDS clients needing counselling and persuasion to start receiving medication;
  • affected family members and their primary caregivers;

In order to sustain financially some of the secondary caregivers from our community (some of them HIV-positive themselves), we partnered with a local Catholic-run project in herbs cultivation, as well as organized a chicken farm.