How you can help

You can help in various ways. And we will be grateful for any help from you!

Our major constraints are

1. Offices and furniture 

We have no office space to operate from. We used to occupy one room at a local school but the school needed it for their teachers so we had to move out. Currently we work from the house of the founders. Fortunately, we have secured a lot of land where we can put up an office building. What we need is money to build this house and furnish it appropriately.

Founders Matthew and Spiwe Ngwerume with an HIV-positive caregiver showing the products of Chinamhora Peace of Mind self-sustainability efforts

2. Trainings

We still need to conduct at least two training sessions. For this, we need stationery, food and accommodation for the participants, transport and facilitation retributions. We do not have funds to meet the training costs. After the training our newly trained team of caregivers needs to be equipped with uniforms fro easy identification and as an incentive signal to the community to join our efforts. Each caregiver also needs to have an H.B.C. kit for use when they visit the homes of our clients.

3. Transport

Chinamhora rural area is almost 50 km long from one end to another. The bigger wards are almost 10 km across. This means that the caregivers are expected to walk almost 20 km to and from within their wards. Whereas their supervisors and officers are to cover around 50 km across. These distances are far too big and tiring for anyone to cover on foot. If you could help us provide the caregivers with bicycles, the supervisors with motorbikes and the organization as a whole with a pick-up truck.

Currently, we are using an ageing B16 Mazda truck offered to us by the director and founder of the organization. This truck needs around USD200 to be repaired and serviced.

4. Running costs

There is a great need to provide for the day-to-day requirements. We are in constant need of stationery, food, fuel, covering rates and paying allowances.

HIV-positive orphans under our care

And there is one more no less important need. Chinhamora Peace of Mind has 62 fatherless and motherless orphans under our care. These orphans need USD15 per term and USD45 per year each to go to school. We will be most grateful for any amount offered to cover the school fees for these children, the future of our community.

Kind regards,

Matthew Ngwerume, Director