Bhabhu Books

Zimbabwe’s leading publisher and promoter of original work in local languages. 


The word bhabhu comes from Shona meaning ‘baby talk’. It is a word that babies use when they want to be carried or strapped to their mother’s back. When babies are carried on their mother’s back, they feel warm, happy and assured. Bhabhu Books is there to help nurture our children and make them understand the world through books and stories mainly in their first and mother language.

Bhabhu Books publishes novels, short story collections, poetry and children’s books in Shona, Ndau, Kalanga, Nambya and Ndebele.

To order books or arrange storytelling, contact us at:  nganostorytelling @

Some recent Shona titles:

Imbwa yemunhu, a novel by Ignatius T. Mabasa
Bhuku risina basa… nokuti rakanyorwa masikati,  poems by Memory Chirere
Chibarabada, a novel by Tinashe Muchuri
Makore Asina Mvura, a short story anthology